3D Product Visualization for eCommerce

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Bring your products to life with interactive
3D Visualization.

3D visualized product (couch) in front of different backgrounds, to show scene manipulation
Level up your marketing campaigns
Display your hero products in full, bold 3D, with stunning, engaging visuals. Create 360° marketing campaigns that shine and custom environments that integrate seamlessly into your campaign.
Connection of node graph to material board, split in half to show 3D animation process
Studio lighting, beautifully crafted materials, and vibrant colors
Polyte’s unique node-based shader system lets 3D artists add deep shade, rich texture, and gorgeous colors to their work and product pages. No need for external plugins or complex custom solutions.
Show motion and functionality
3D visualization shows off your products in all their glory. Custom animations allow you to define moving parts and see how things work, in real-time or in slow-motion.
Polyte digital photography boot render
Switch seamlessly from analog to digital
Photorealistic 2D rendering allows you to move your image production from analog to digital with minimal fuss.

Digital transformation

From the physical product to the digital twin
High quality 3D render picture visualized
Digital Transformation Background

Your product

High quality 3D render picture visualized
Digital transformation 3D product

Digital Twin

High quality 3D render picture visualized
Digital transformation 3D Model e-commerce widget

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Products & services

Production services

High-quality production services to create rich, immersive 3D imagery and photorealistic 2D renders.

Professional 3D software

Professional-grade software that allows 3D visualization in real-time with rapid, streamlined digital content management.
Polyte Editor Icon
Professional editing software to create content for real-time visualization for the web
Polyte Publisher Icon
Professional content management software to manage your digital product


Complete consultation services to facilitate a move to in-house digital image production.  

Multipurpose asset production

Make your content count
Never waste an opportunity to diversify - reuse 2D and 3D images throughout your marketing channels.

Do you struggle with customer returns and limited display possibilities?

Boost confidence with the next generation of product display

High return rates
eCommerce businesses can struggle with customer return rates, often up to 5x higher than traditional sales channels.
360° display
Let your customers explore their purchases in full 3D details to make buying more predictable through increased trust.
Low conversion rates
Buying online requires trust, and customers can be hesitant to invest in high-quality, high-priced products without a more complete view of their purchases
Reduce return rates
Providing more information and a better overall understanding of your offering enables clients to purchase your high-ticket item with confidence.
Limited flexibility
Traditional photography can be limited in demonstrating a product’s best features and conveying an authentic look, feel, and functionality.
Faster production
From concept to product - cut design and development times with cost-efficient, high-quality content production.
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